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7 Weight Loss Myths Busted

Myth #1:

Weight loss is only dependent on the number of calories I eat.


Although the total calories you eat will make a difference, you also must consider where the calories come from. I have seen 700 calorie per day diets that are all junk food! Quantity and quality are both factors.

Myth #2:

Fat makes me fat.


“Bad” fat makes you fat. Bad fats are in fried foods, vegetable shortening, factory-farmed meat and eggs, canola oil and other vegetable oils. Good fats are coconut oil, palm oil, nuts, seeds, free-range meat and eggs, butter and olive oil.

Good fats actually help you LOSE weight! They keep you full, nourished and energetic and help to boost metabolism and hormone production.

Myth #3:

The brain needs sugar to function, so I need to eat sugar every day.


According to hormone specialist Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, M.D.  in her book, The Schwarzbein Principle, none of us needs more than 72 grams of carbohydrate per day. Your body can make carbohydrates from fat and protein and that keeps your brain working smoothly.


  If I exercise I can eat whatever I want because it balances out.


Just because you burn more calories, you may not lose weight with exercise alone.  Also, the positive benefits of exercise are actually cancelled out by the damage done with a poor diet. I have seen many athletes that exercise daily but are exhausted and are struggling with body fat because of their unbalanced diet.

Myth #5:

Meal replacement shakes are a good way to lose weight.


With the exception of some high quality whey or rice protein drinks, most pre-mixed shakes are loaded with chemical preservatives which can sabotage your body’s ability to lose weight. They often make you hungrier or make you crave sugar. Any shake (or other food) containing soy protein can unbalance your hormonal system, making you feel even worse and keeping the pounds in place.

Myth #6:

Diet or Sugar-free sodas and treats will help me lose weight.


It’s true that sugar is bad, but artificial sugar and  sweeteners worse. They are very toxic to the body. They often create hunger and sugar cravings which are obviously not going to help you lost weight. It is fine to use stevia (a natural sweet tasting herb) in moderation in place of sugar, but avoid aspartame (Nutrasweet), Splenda, Sweet and Low and any other fake sweetener if you want to cut the cravings and stay healthy!

Myth #7:

If I don’t eat junk food I can have as much fruit as I want.


Fruit is real food and definitely better quality than processed food or junk food but it is still loaded with sugar (fructose) and sugar is the enemy when it comes to weight loss natural or other wise.  So, unfortunately fruit cannot be consumed in large quantities any more than you can eat cookies in large quantities if you are trying to shed pounds.